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Name:Lord Kolbek
Lord Kolbek is one of the most newly appointed Lords of the Sith. Born to a family known for its Sith ancestry, Kolbek entered into tutelage early on to train him for the role, even studying at the academy on Korriban before being selected by Darth Baras himself as the Dark Lord's personal apprentice. Through many actions Kolbek proved himself, earning the the title of Lord and moving into the upper ranks of Baras's elite vassals. No longer just an apprentice, he finds himself tasked with even greater responsibilities to serve the great Sith Empire.

One small problem: Lord Kolbek himself follows the Light Side of the Force rather extensively, despite his mastery of the Dark Side.

Powers: Kolbek is well versed in telekinesis, for both moving objects and strangling people. He is particularly partial, however, to a series of uniquely Dark Side abilities known as Roars that inflict different statuses, from unnatural terror to paralysis to straightforward malicious damage.

Kolbek wields a single lightsaber and is proficient in three forms--
Shii-Cho: The most basic of lightsaber combat forms, it most heavily derives from classic swordplay, incorporating few elements unique to wielding a blade of weightless energy. It is neither heavily aggressive, nor overly defensive.
Shien/Djem So: Shien is a highly aggressive lightsaber form, well-tailored for groups of enemies with projectile weapons and deflecting their shots. Unlike more defensive forms, it is designed to push the offensive, deliberately attempting to aim shots back at enemies and move in close for the kill. However, Kolbek is specifically an expert in Djem So, a refined form of Shien that focuses on lightsaber-to-lightsaber dueling. His ability to counter groups of enemies, especially enemies with blasters, is drastically reduced compared to other practitioners of this form, but in one-on-one combat against a Jedi or another Sith he is incredibly dangerous.
Soresu: To fill the rather obvious gap in his lightsaber skills, Kolbek has made an extensive study of Soresu. Much like Shien, it is made for deflecting enemy shots and protecting the warrior from groups, but it is concentrated into an almost purely defensive form. Motions and swings are short and kept close to the body, incorporating quick and small dodges to minimize effort. Counterattacks are incredibly rare in this form, and it is more a tool of survival than victory, giving the Sith a reprieve from the battle to gauge his situation and plan the offense.

His lightsaber's body is chrome and durasteel, with gilded inlay. The crystal emits a bright fuchsia beam, which his emitter keeps tightly focused, making the blade a most dangerous thing of precise strikes maximizing critical blows to weak points in his enemies' defenses.

Star Wars, The Old Republic, etc, are copyright their respective holders: Disney, Lucasfilm, Bioware, and EA. All characters are 18 or older, not based on any real individuals, and so on.
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